Grow a foundation in the Financial Services industry.  Learn to take on projects and tasks from operations to client services.  Discover more about our trading practices and find a path to becoming an Investment Advisor.

Our Story

HIS Envoys Group is a financial services business that focuses on Biblical Financial Stewardship. At the center of our philosophy is the idea that everything we own belongs to God. It’s a fundamental principle that shapes the way we serve others and the way we guide them.

Our organization is comprised of two primary brands. Harvest Investment Services is an RIA focused on advisory services, and Envoy Financial specializes in providing retirement plans to churches, non-profits, and mission-sending organizations.

At our core, we provide investment management services. Our Faith-based Investing Solutions are 5-star rated on Morningstar. Each solution is designed for investing without compromise.

Shared Opportunities

As you build your practice, it will be important to source opportunities for developing new private wealth clients. We are fortunate to serve many organizations with their retirement plans. We believe in extending our service to those organizations by helping their staff with financial planning and investment advice. This is often a great source for building up your first clients.

Develop your Business

Advisors who are dedicated to their work and spend time investing in their book-of-business are happy to see their practice grow. How do you get to that point? We walk alongside you and provide guidance at each stage of your development. Our environment provides discipline and accountability for achieving your personal business goals.

Personalized Track

With your objective of becoming an advisor in mind, we personalize a track to fit your needs. We balance by finding ways to help you provide value from the get-go. This track is a four-stage program. You can see an outline of these stages below. An introduction meeting would be a great starting place to discuss your goals and objectives.

4 stage timeline for your development

Becoming an advisor and growing your own practice can be a long and difficult track.
At HIS Envoys Group, we see a great need to cultivate the next generation of advisors.
We believe in a four-stage development cycle for up-and-coming advisors, such as yourself.
Each stage was carefully put together to provide your best chances of growth and maximize your success.

Operations Training
& Passing Your Series 65
Become familiar with the operations and
administrative aspect of an advisory firm.
We will balance your work effort with study time.
Advisory Training
as an Associate Advisor
We pair you up with a lead advisor who will
help you gain practical advisory experience.
You’ll then aide them in their efforts.
Focus on Intentional Experience
& Get Your First Assignments
Between our assignments and your own leads
you’ll have plenty to help you begin building
your book of private wealth clients.
Building Your Practice as a Stewardship Advisor
You’ll be ready to run with your practice.
Learn to expand your offerings and build
your business through sharing experiences in our various weekly forums, as you shift your focus to your long-term goals.