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We want to partner with Faith Based advisors, such as yourself.

We’re so excited to be attending the Kingdom Advisor Fearless Conference alongside you this year. We at HIS Envoy’s Group have some exciting opportunities and we want to share with you.

HIS Envoy’s Group was started as a way for Kingdom Minded Advisors, such as yourself, to partner with an organization that could help bring a broad range of financial services to Faith Based organizations and Christian Owned business’, and the community of faith that they serve.

Envoy, is a Faith-Based provider of the unique 403(b)9 plans to churches and other para-church ministries. What sets us apart from the other providers of retirement plans is the fact that we understand the unique ways that a church retirement plan needs to be set up and administered differently than other more traditional plans.

You were selected to receive this invitation because we are looking for Kingdom Minded Advisors in your area to help us serve the existing plan participants we already have in your state as well as introduce our services to additional ministries and to the congregations that they serve.

If you would like to explore the options available partner with us, please reach out to us to set up a meeting with Bruce and or Tim at the KA conference or follow the information on this page to begin learning more. The video above will overview some of the highlights of our mission, and the sections below will guide you through more information as you begin to consider partnering with us to have a greater impact on the kingdom together.

It’s Hard to Find a Retirement Plan that You are Proud to Offer Churches and Non-Profits.

We understand the importance of having an affordable, simple to administer retirement plan option to supplement your services. You don’t have to be a 403(b) Plan Specialist. All you have to do is provide the introduction and assist with the implementation and educational support. Envoy will take care of everything else including plan set-up, TPA, recordkeeping, enrollment, and customer support.

Biblically Responsible Investment models with downside risk controls you can feel comfortable with.

Whether you are already with your own RIA, or you want to get connected with us, we can help equip you with Biblically Responsible Investment Models that your clients can be happy with. Learn more about our selection of BRI models.

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